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Boiler capacity: 160 liters
Inner container material: Double layer of liquid enamel.
Internal corrosion protection with a rod of 90% Magnesium 32X500mm for high protection with long life.
The welding of the metal parts is done with the TIG method (inert gas welding).
Container thermal insulation with self-extinguishing (DIN 4102) polyurethane, high density (48kg / m3-DIN 53420).
Closed circuit protection with safety valve at 1.5 Bar.
Water network protection with safety and non-return valve at 10 Bar.
Protection of the container from high pressure and temperature with a pressure valve at 10 Bar and temperature at 99οC.
Exterior cladding of pre-painted (RAL 9007) galvanized sheet with printed all the technical elements and its logo to avoid imitations.
3.5kw stainless steel electrical resistor mounted with external stainless steel bolts, for easy replacement.
Available in double and triple energy.


The flat surface collectors type HL , have Strip and Full face selective surface.
The collector shell is made of a single pre-painted (UV protected color) special sheet metal which has a test certificate for durability in coastal areas. It is specially designed to harmonize with the rest of the collector giving it robustness, durability and helping to maintain its performance over time.
The glass of the HL collector is of the Clearlight type, of high permeability, safety and low iron content (Low Iron) , which increases the amount of solar radiation on the surface of the collector and its efficiency, respectively.
The HL collector has a strong insulation of special mineral wool , made so as not to create sprays at high temperatures, which gradually settle inside the glass, reducing its permeability.


Hot-dip galvanized steel.
-It has very easy assembly and installation.
-It has the ability to adapt to the surrounding area, through electrostatic painting.
-It is solid and all-weather.

Additional Charges:

Charge for dismantling your old solar water heater: 40,00 €
Installation in: Terrace 120,00 € Tiled roof – € 150.00

Tile base price: € 60.00

Price of accessories: € 70.00

Shipping costs (within Attica): € 70.00

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Weight 80 kg

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