AMCOR Solon 160LT C / L 2.0M2 (Dual Energy)

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The radiator of the solar water heaters AMCOR SOLON 160LT C/L 2,0m² is of capacity 160lt from steel sheet metal, cold rolled, (EN 10130/2016)
The AMCOR SOLON 160LT C/L 2,0m² solar water heaters have internal corrosion protection with liquid enamel (DIN 4753-3) safe for health, and to avoid the phenomenon of electrolysis, rod of 90% Magnesium 3X50cm for high protection with great duration.
Welding of metal parts with the MAG method (Pulse mechanical welding) to eliminate gaps and flawless finish.
The solar water heater AMCOR SOLON 160LT C/L 2,0m² the thermal insulation of the tank consists of self-extinguishing (DIN 4102) high density polyurethane (48kg / m3-DIN 53420).
Closed circuit protection with safety valve at 1.5 Bar.
Water network protection with safety and non-return valve at 10 Bar.
Protection of the boiler from summer overheating with a pressure valve at 10 Bar and a temperature at 99oC which, among other things, prevents the formation of salts due to boiling.


The absorber of the collector AMCOR A200 is Selective (FULLPLATE) of surface 2.0m2 consisting of copper pipes, harp type, with laserwelded welding.
The frame is made of strong anodized aluminum, gives solid and long life construction.
Safety glass (tempered), transparent, low iron content (Lowiron) and high permeability to radiation, giving its maximum commitment.
Hybrid thermal insulation, chemically inert, consisting of rigid polyurethane / 25/40 and rock wool / 30/50 specially designed for solar panels AMCOR A200 with two aluminum sheets, which protect it from distortion due to humidity in winter and high temperatures in summer.
The characteristics of thermal insulation are kept unchanged over time and do not allow the growth of parasites.
Insulation of copper pipes where required, with special silicone and EPDM rubber with operating pressure at 8bar and test pressure at 16bar.


Hot-dip galvanized steel.
Available bases of Solar water heater AMCOR 160LT C / L 2.0m2:

Tiled roof

Additional Charges:

Installation in: Terrace 120,00 € Tiled roof – € 150.00

Tile base price: € 60.00

Price of accessories: € 70.00

Shipping costs (within Attica): € 70.00


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