Haier Tide Green Plus AS50TDMHRA-C / 1U50MEMFRA-C (18000btu)

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Cooling Power: 17.060 btu / h
Cooling Efficiency Range: 4,430 ~ 19,790 btu / h
Heating Power: 17,740 btu / h
Heating Efficiency Range: 4,770 ~ 20,470 btu / h
Cooling Efficiency (SEER): 6.1 W / W
Annual Cooling Energy Consumption: 287 kWh / a
Heating (Middle Zone): A +
Heating Efficiency (SCOP) (Medium Zone): 4.0 W / W
Annual Heating Energy Consumption (Average Zone): 1,963 kWh / a
Heating (Warm Zone): A +++
Heating Efficiency (SCOP) (Hot Zone): 5.1 W / W
Annual Heating Energy Consumption (Hot Zone): 1.125 kWh / a
Indoor Unit Sound Pressure Level: 28-35-40-44 db (L / M / H / Turbo)
Outdoor Unit Sound Pressure Level: 53 db
Indoor Unit Sound Power Level: 57 db
Outdoor Unit Sound Power Level: 65 db
Gas Piping Diameter: 1/2 “(12.7 mm)
Liquid Pipe Diameter: 1/4 “(6.35 mm)
Maximum Length of Piping: 20 m
Maximum Altitude Difference: 10 m
Refrigerant: R32
Power Supply (Indoor Unit): 1 Ph – 220 ~ 240 V – 50Hz
Operating Current: 11.3 A
Cooling Power Consumption: 1,460 W
Heating Power Consumption: 1,400 W
Indoor Unit Dimensions (width x height x depth): 1.008 mm x 318 mm x 225 mm
Outdoor Unit Dimensions (width x height x depth): 800 mm x 553 mm x 275 mm
Net Indoor Unit Weight: 11.6 kg
Outdoor Unit Net Weight: 32.7 kg
Type: Inventer
Covers Rooms: 35 ~ 40 m²
Features & Features: High Density Air Dust Filter, Absolutely Silent 19dB (A) Function, Self-Cleaning Function, WiFi Standard, Smart Air Distribution, Sleep Function, Low Temperature Cooling Function -10 Temperature, Heat Pre-Heat Function , Intelligent Warm-up Mode, 24-Hour Timer, Automatic Shutter Motion, Shutter Position Storage, Turbo Mode, Lock, All DC Inverter, Coolant Leak Detection, Fault Self-Diagnosis, Double Shutdown, Flexible Installation
Outdoor Operating Temperature Range: Cooling: -10 ~ 43 ° C / Heating: -15 ~ 24 ° C
WiFi Standard: Yes
Smart Air Distribution: Yes
Sleep Function: Yes
Cooling Mode at Low Temperatures -10: Yes
Low Temperature Heating Operation -15: Yes
Smart Warm-up Function: Yes
Smart Warm-up Function: Yes
24 hour timer: Yes
Automatic Blind Movement: Yes
Blind Position Storage: Yes
Turbo mode: Yes
Lock: Yes
All DC Inverter: Yes
Refrigerant Leak Detection: Yes
Fault self-diagnosis: Yes
Flexible installation clip: Yes
Two Drain Connection Outputs: Yes
WARRANTY: From the Official Delegation 5 years for all parties

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